Saturday, January 29, 2005

Sharing the wealth

Reading comic books has always been fun for me. Even today there are a few comic books that hold my attention. I don't indulge in many of the mainstream comic books but I do enjoy comic books like "Knights of the Dinner Table" that remind me of some of the silly RPG stuff I did in my youth. I even indulge myself by attending GenCon and Origins every year to get my 8 solid days of gaming in for my annual fix.
Now game conventions are weird places where things can get completely out of control, but one of my best finds in recent years has been Aaron Williams. Aaron has actually done a number of comic books including the fantasy themed "Nodwick" but my favorite creation of his is "PS238" (
PS238 is a comic about a school for superhuman children (with some aliens and otherworldly beings thrown in for good measure). I enjoy it immensely because at least from a comic perspective (and probably a personal perspective from the time I have spent observing him), Aaron is a PG type guy. What I mean is that if your looking for dark, brooding story lines with lots of killing and mayhem, then this isn't going to be your series. However, if your like me and you enjoy a good laugh and the thought of sharing your hobby with you children, this is an excellent series. The story lines are engaging enough to entertain just about anyone including my wife.
The series would have been funny enough but the Aaron included a perfectly normal boy in the mix. His parents (both superheroes) just know he is destined for greatness and insist he goes to the school. Following his story of just how to survive elementary school (where the "atomic noogies you get really are atomic) I think is identifiable to all of us, where it was tough enough without playing dodgeball against kids who can throw them a supersonic speeds.
Plus I bring it up since Aaron is one of the nicest guys in the business, and although I doubt we'll ever see his name next to Stan Lee's for recognition; I think he certainly deserves whatever recognition he can get.
Next post I'll bring up another great comic that has an author with a much "different" story.


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