Thursday, January 27, 2005

Speed vs. Work

I mentioned on an earlier post that I wanted to get up to 3.5 miles per hour. I reached that...and gave up on it. The problem is that at that speed it really became distracting. I think that it's easy when you are yourself to go a little faster to overlook how many problems it is causing, but after you settle into it for a bit you realize that your giving up a lot for speed. Since then I have scaled speed back to 3 miles per hour and been slowly increasing incline. It seems to be working well.
I picked up Fitness!Yourself but I haven't utilized it much. I'm going to start next week, I'll give you updates of how it is going.
I've actually heard from someone that they are thinking about trying to set up a system like mine. They are supposed to tell me in a few weeks how it goes. When I hear from them I'll let you know. With luck I'll have pictures.

Tomorrow I'm going to tell you about one of my favorite things, and it's even rated PG. Stop by!


At November 17, 2006 at 2:56 PM, Anonymous Yuna said...

Hi, i love your blog and i'm reading. i hope to set up one like yours one day. It's good to know abou the higher speeds, i also notice that at higher speeds it's harder to concentrate. With the incline you'll really be building your glutes and hamstrings.

I have an idea for people with no money at the moment. It's called the virtual treadmill created by Ron Brown of I've been using it for two weeks. all it is is marching in place at 120 steps or more a minute which comes up to equaling 3 plus miles an hour depending on how you march. I downloaded his free virtual treadmill timer. I also started marching to music with the right number of beats because i noticed i walked slower than the 120 steps minimum- aout 96 steps instead. Anyway, you put your lapop or computer up on boxes so it's at the right height- i have 3 plastsic boxes i already had at the right height ut you can use cardboard boxes, and you go on the internet and stuff while you're marching in place! it's just like a treadmill and you can do it anywhere! i've also downloaded movies and watched them on my comp. while walking, i'm going to attach cable to my laptop soon too and watch comedy central on my laptop (i love having my laptop as the central piece of equipment i use) but i've also watched videos while walking. i've gotten up to 3 hours without even thinking of it, but it's only two weeks and i get tired after 3 hours and i usually run out of easy things to do after 3 hours so i give myself a rest. But i'm thinking i could walk slower and then i'd be able to concentrate on new things to do on the computer like while i'm sitting or do boring stuff like balance my checkbook... :) obviously, i don't have a job. but i could do this at a job too, i think, march in place with headphonoes with a laptop placed at the right level and walk eough so that i can do good work. anway, wanted to inform you and your readers of this idea. If you want to look up your favorite songs with the right beats per minute, djs use BPM's to describe this and there's some free sites where users post the bpms of songs they know to share.


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