Thursday, January 06, 2005


Okay, second attempt at a blog. Welcome to my official web support group. Tired of being a pasty, overweight, flabby gamer, well so am I. I hope by working together both of us can become pasty, slim, well-toned gamers :)
I decided to start this page after a friend of mine, Bill Harris, posted my antics on his blog, He said there was some interest in how I had set things up and people wanted to see some pictures.
Unfortunately work is !#@$ this week so it will have to be the weekend before I can give a full breakdown...but here are some pictures to get you started. This weekend I promise to give some additional information on how to build it, how it works, and even where I'm at in using it.
I figure I'll use this blog as a sounding board for you and I. When I got this idea myself I went looking on the web figuring other people had gone here before. I found nothing, so I'm posting my ideas. Got a great setup for exercising and gaming yourself? Send it to me, I'll post it.
So for tonight, behold, the evil-genius 2050 :)


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